1984 Camaro Data

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1984 Camaro
Production: 10,687 4-cyl, 98,471 V6, 152,433 V8, 261,591 total.

Vehicle Identification Example: 1G1AP87HXEN100001
* Fifth digit is model level: P=Sport Coupe, Z28 Sport Coupe S=Berlinetta
* Eighth digit is engine code: 1=173ci V6 (LC1) / 2=151ci 4-cyl (LQ9) / G=305ci V8 (L69) / H=305ci V8 (LG4)
* Tenth digit is model year: E= 1984
* Eleventh digit is N for Norwood assembly, L for Van Nuys.
* Last six digits increased one with each car built at each plant.

Length: 187.8 inchesHeight: 49.8 inches Width: 72.0 inches Wheelbase: 101.0 inches

1984 Power Teams
RPOConfigBhp @ rpm Torque @ rpm InductionC/R CID/litersApplications
LQ9Ohv 492 @ 4000134 @ 2800TBI9.0:1151/2.5 SC*
LC1Ohv V6107 @ 4800145 @ 21002-bbl.8.5:1173/2.8B*,SC
LG4Ohv V8150 @ 4000240 @ 24004-bbl.8.6:1305/5.0Z*
L69/HOOhv V8190 @ 4800240 @ 32004-bbl.9.5:1305/5.0Z

* = base engine; TBI = throttle-body injection; SC = Sport Coupe; B = Berlinetta; Z = Z28.

Axle and Transmission Availability
Engine RPO: LQ9LQ9LC1 LG4 L69-HO
Clutch dia, In.9.699.699.6910.3410.34
Manual Trans Ratios
1st3.503.763.50 2.952.95
2nd2.482.182.14 1.941.94
3rd1.661.421.39 1.341.34
4th1.001.001.00 1.001.00
5th-0.72 0.780.730.73
Rev3.503.763.39 2.762.76
Std. axle Ratio3.423.73 3.423.233.73
Opt. axle (G92)- --3.73-
Automatic Trans Ratios700-R4 N.o. 700-R4 700-R4 700-R4
1st3.06N.o.3.06 3.063.06
2nd1.63N.o.1.63 1.631.63
3rd1.00N.o.1.00 1.001.00
4th0.70N.o.0.70 0.700.70
Rev2.29N.o.2.29 2.292.29
Torque Conv. dia, in.9.65 N.o.9.6511.7511.75
Std. axle ratio3.73N.o.
Opt. axle (G92)- --3.23-

Engine Codes
C3A: 173ci, mt, exSAC: 173ci, mt SUJ: 305ci, at
C3B: 173ci, at, exSAD: 173ci, at SXB: 305ci, mt, ce
C3C: 173ci, mt, exSDN: 305ci, at Z3F: 151ci, mt
C3D: 173ci, at, exSDR: 305ci, mt Z3H: 151ci, at
C4C: 305ci, at, exSUH: 305ci, mt Z5F: 151ci, mt
C4D: 305ci, mt, ex

Codes SDN, SDR and SUJ used in all fifty states. Codes Z3F, Z3H and Z5F used in all fifty states plus Canada.
Abbreviations: at= automatic transmission, ce= california emissions, ci= cubic inch, ex= export (canada), mt= manual transmission.

Transmission Codes
4-Speed (Saginaw) Muncie R
5 Speed Manual - Warner Gear
Vehicle Application Codes
700-R4 Automatic.
151MD8 PQ
173MD8 YH
173MD8 Y7
305MD8 YW
305MD8 YF
305MD8 YG
305MD YP
305MD8 Y8

Rear Axle Codes
4PR3.42:1 Locking 6HF3.23:1 6JJ3.42:1
6EB3.73:1 6HG3.23:1 6JK3.73:1
6EC3.73:1 6HH3.23:1 6JM3.73:1
6EP3.42:1 Locking6HJ3.08:1 Locking6JQ3.73:1 Locking
6EQ3.23:1 6HK3.08:1 Locking6JZ3.23:1 Locking
6ER3.23:1 6HL3.23:1 Locking6KK3.73:1
6ES3.08:1 6HM3.23:1 Locking6KM3.73:1
6ET3.08:1 6HN3.23:1 Locking6PJ3.42:1
6EU3.08:1 Locking6HO3.42:1 Locking6PK3.73:1
6EV3.08:1 6HP3.73:1 Locking6PM3.73:1
6EV3.23:1 6HR3.73:1 Locking6PQ3.73:1 Locking
6EW3.23:1 6HS3.73:1 Locking6PZ3.08:1 Locking
6EX3.23:1 6JH3.23:1

1984 Factory Options
RPO DescriptionQty Retail
1FP87 Camaro Sport Coupe, 4-cylinder127,292$7,995.00
1FS87 Camaro Berlinetta Coupe, 6-cylinder 33,400 10,895.00
1FP87 Camaro Z28 Sport Coupe, 8-cylinder100,89910,620.00
1A3Special Olympics Package3,722 na
AG9Power Seat, driver side 44,340 215.00
AU3Power Door Locks100,242125.00
A01Tinted Glass, all windows 240,666110.00
A31 Power Windows 130,522185.00
A90 Power Hatch Release 130,52840.00
BS1 Quiet Sound Group24,838 82.00
BX5 Moldings, black roof drip 141,28129.00
B34 Floor Mats, carpet insert, two front160,93620.00
B35 Floor Mats, carpet insert, two rear153,37115.00
B48 Luggage Compartment Trim 38,827 164.00
B84 Moldings, body side 156,11155.00
B91 Moldings, door edge (black)52,762 15.00
CC1 Roof Panels, removable glass90,278 825.00
CD4 Windshield Wipers, intermittent100,00850.00
C25 Rear Window Wiper, with washer 12,268 120.00
C49 Defogger, rear window 171,461140.00
C60 Air Conditioning196,120730.00
C67 Air Conditioning, electronic (Berlinetta only) 31,746 730.00
DG7 Mirrors, electric twin remote 26,354 139.00
DK6 Console, roof 33,274 50.00
D27 Cover, locking rear storage 20,952 80.00
D35 Mirrors, sport right and left remote exterior 118,70953.00
D42 Cover, rear compartment cargo area 85,694 69.00
D80 Spoiler (included with Z28) 81,869 69.00
F41 Suspension, sport17,211 49.00
G80 Rear Axle, limited slip17,837 95.53
G92 Axle, performance ratio (Z28 only) 834 21.00
J65 Brakes, power front disc and rear disc 17,494 179.00
K05 Heater, engine block 8,119 20.00
K34 Speed Control, with resume127,582175.00
LC1 Engine, 173ci, 107hp V6 (std Berlinetta)98,471 250.00
LG4 Engine, 305ci, 150hp V8 (std Z28)99,976 550.00
L69 Engine, 305ci, 190hp V8 (optional Z28 only) 52,457 530.00
MM5 Transmission, 5-speed manual 47,441 125.00
MX0 Transmission, automatic with overdrive 68,844 525.00
N33 Tilt Steering Column197,638110.00
P01 Wheel Covers, full 7,396 52.00
QHW Tires, P205/70R14 white letter, steel radial 24,155 146.00
QHX Tires, P205/70R14 blackwall, steel radial 7,350 58.44
QHY Tires, P205/70R14 white stripe, steel radial19,710 124.44
QMX Tires, P195/75R14 white stripe, steel radial57,676 62.00
QYZ Tires, P215/65R15 blackwall (credit with Z28) 52,440 -92.00
TR9 Lighting, auxiliary 107,12372.00
TT5 Headlamps, halogen highbeam 78,338 10.00
UA1 Battery, heavy duty 100,404 26.00
UL5 Radio, Berlinetta delete 181 -331.00
UT4 Radio, stereo, tape, clock, s/s, eq (Berlinetta)27,657 203.00
U05 Horns, dual (std Berlinetta)26,631 12.00
U21 Instrumentation, special27,853 149.00
U35 Clock, quartz 1,840 35.00
U63 Radio, AM9,526 112.00
U69 Radio, AM-FM12,940171.00
U73 Antenna, fixed mast6,890 41.00
U75 Antenna, power 35,238 60.00
U81 Speakers, two rear 6,554 30.00
V08 Cooling, heavy-duty16,640 70.00
YE1 Radio, AM-FM stereo44,673 302.00
YE2 Radio, stereo, tape, clock, s/s, equalizer 38,531 605.00
YE4 Radio, stereo, tape and clock 68,146 402.00
YF1 Radio, AM-FM stereo19,252 263.00
YF5 Emission Equipment, required for California 29,451 99.00
ZJ7 Rally Wheels114,347112.00

1984 Colors
Paint CodeExteriorQty ModelsInteriors
11White 36,930 Bc-Spc-Zc B-Br-C-Ch-Chro-Sg
15 Silver 19,987 Bc-Spc-ZcB-C-Ch-Chro-Sg
19 Black 38,585 Bc-Spc-ZcC-Ch-Chro-Sg
22 Light Blue14,886 Bc-SpcB
27 Dark Blue28,082 Spc-Zc B
59 Beige 16,120 Bc-Spc-Zc Br-C-Ch
62 Light Brown13,862 Bc-Spc Br
65 Dark Gold13,428 Bc-Spc-Zc C-Ch
67 Dark Brown8,198Spc-Zc Br
75 Red 45,749Bc-Spc-Zc C-Ch-Chro-Sg
82 Charcoal25,764 Bc-Spc-ZcC-Ch-Chro-Sg

Interior Codes: 17B=Ch-sc, 17C=Ch-cc, 17D=Ch-ccc, 17E=Ch-csc, 17N=Ch-cv, 17R=Ch-sv, 22B=B-sc, 22C=B-cc, 22D=B-ccc, 22E=B-csc, 22N=B-cv, 22R=B-sv, 60B=Sg-sc, 60C=Sg-cc, 60N=Sg-cv, 60R=Sg-sv, 64B=C-sc, 64C=C-cc, 64R=C-sv, 67B=Br-sc, 67C=Br-cc, 67D=Br-ccc, 67E=Br-csc, 67N=Br-cv, 67R=Br-sv.

Abbreviations: B = Blue, Br = Brown, Bc = Berlinetta coupe, C = Camel, cc = custom cloth, ccc = conteur custom cloth, Ch = Charcoal, Chro = Charcoal with red-orange trim, csc = conteur standard cloth, cv = custom vinyl, sc = standard cloth, Sg = Sandstone Gray, Spc = Sport coupe, sv = standard vinyl, Zc = Z28 sport coupe.

1984 Spotters Guide

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