1989 Camaro Data

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1989 Camaro
Production: 42,729 V6, 68,010 V8, 110,739 total.

VIN Example: 1G1FP21SXKL100001 thru 1G1FP21SXKL210739
* Fifth digit is model level: P=Camaro (all models).
* Sixth digit is body style: 2=Hatchback Coupe, 3=Convertible
* Eighth digit is engine code: E=305ci V8 (L03) F=305ci V8 (LB9) S=173ci V6 (LB8) 8=350ci V8 (L98)
* Ninth digit is check digit and varies.
* Tenth digit is model year: K=1989
* Eleventh digit is assembly plant code: L=Van Nuys
* Last six digits increased one for each car built.

Length: 192.0 inchesHeight: 50.3 inches Width: 72.8 inches Wheelbase: 101.0 inches

1989 Power Teams
RPOConfigBhp @ rpm Torque @ rpm InductionC/R CID/litersApplications
LB8Ohv V6135 @ 4900 160 @ 3900MFI8.9:1173/2.8 RS*
L03Ohv V8170 @ 4400 255 @ 2400TBI9.3:1305/5.0 RS, IZ*
LB9Ohv V8195 @ 4000 295 @ 2800TPI9.3:1305/5.0 IZ (w/a/t)
LB9Ohv V8225 @ 4400 295 @ 3200TPI9.3:1305/5.0 IZ (w/man trans)
L98Ohv V8240 @ 4400 345 @ 3200TPI9.3:1350/5.7 IZ (auto only)

* = base engine; TBI = throttle-body injection; TPI = tuned-port injection; MFI = multi-port fuel injection; RS = Rally Sport; IZ = IROC Z-28.

Engine Codes
AAD: 173ci, uu ATA: 305ci, mt AWK: 350ci, at
AAF: 173ci, uuATB: 305ci, mtAXY: 173ci, uu
ABL: 173ci, uuATF: 305ci, at ZRA: 350ci, mt
AKH: 305ci, mtATM: 305ci, at ZRB: 350ci, at
AKJ: 305ci, at AWA: 305ci, at ZRC: 350ci, at

Abbreviations: at = automatic transmission, ci = cubic inch, mt = manual transmission, uu = uncertain usage

Transmission Codes
5 Speed Manual - Warner Gear
Chevy #RPO
10079857 MB1
10079855 MK6
10079856 M39
700-R4 Automatic.
173MD8 YX
305MD8 YP
305MD8 YW
305MD8 YZ
350MD8 FK
350MD8 FX

Rear Axle Codes
6HB3.08:1 6HP2.73:1 8EW3.45:1
6HE2.73:1 6HT2.73:1 9ER3.45:1 Locking
6HF3.08:1 8ET2.77:1 9EQ3.27:1 Locking
6HK3.08:1 8EU3.27:1 9ET2.77:1 Locking

1989 Factory Options
RPODescriptionQty Retail
1FP87 Camaro RS Convertible, 8-cylinder3,245 16,995.00
1FP87 Camaro IROC-Z Coupe, 8-cylinder20,067 14,145.00
1FP87 Camaro IRCC-Z Convertible, 8-cylinder3,940 18,945.00
1LE Special Performance Components Package 111 *
AG9 Power Seat, driver side19,750 *
AM9 Seat Back, split folding rear33,743 50.00
AU3 Power Door Locks99,385 145.00
A01 Tinted Glass, all windows110,502*
A31 Power Windows61,704 *
A90 Power Hatch Release60,744 50.00
B2L Engine, 350ci, 230hp V8 (IROC-Z coupe only)12,370 1,045.00
B34 Floor Mats, carpet insert, two front99,638 *
B35 Floor Mats, carpet insert, two rear99,638 *
B48 Luggage Compartment Trim, deluxe23,150 164.00
B84 Moldings, body side110,500*
B91 Moldings, door edge (black)22,801 15.00
CC1 Roof Panels, removable glass44,595 866.00
CD4 Windshield Wipers, intermittent99,531 *
C49 Defogger, rear window 59,559 145.00
C60 Air Conditioning104,642775.00
DX3 Decal and Stripe Delete (credit)88,144 -60.00
D27 Cover, locking rear storage17,912 80.00
D42 Cover, rear compartment cargo area55,250 *
G80 Rear Axle, limited slip30,856 100.00
G92 Rear Axle, performance (IROC-Z coupe only)1,426 *
J65 Brakes, power front disc and rear disc 12,895 179.00
KC4 Cooler, engine oil (IROC-Z coupe only) 1,428 110.00
K05 Heater, engine block4,070 20.00
K34 Speed Control, with resume98,741 *
LB9 Engine, 305ci, 195hp (IROC-Z only)8,925 745.00
L03 Engine, 305ci, 170hp (RS Coupe)46,715 400.00
MX0 Transmission, automatic with overdrive 87,857 490.00
N33 Tilt Steering Column99,531 *
N96 Aluminum Wheels, 16 inch16,449 468.00
QDZ Tires, P245/50VR16 blackwall1,263 *
QLC Tires, P245/50ZR16 blackwall15,186 *
QPH Tires, P215/65R15 all season blackwall 86,726 *
QYZ Tires, P215/65R15 blackwall7,564 *
TR9 Lighting, auxiliary103,112*
TT4 Headlamps, halogen (4)62,262 *
UA1 Battery, heavy duty98,118 *
UL5 Radio, delete43 -165.00
UM6 Radio, stereo, cassette, clock, seek/scan73,338 *
UM7 Radio, stereo, clock, seek/scan6,076 *
UU8 Radio, stereo, Delco Bose, clock, seek/scan4,532 *
UX1 Radio, stereo, cassette, clock, s/s, equalizer24,153*
U1C Radio, compact disc system with clock 2,597*
U75 Power Antenna13,07570.00
YF5 Emission Equipment, required for California17,757 100.00
FCABRS Coupe Base Group- nc
FCA1RS Coupe Group 1- 255.00
FCA2RS Coupe Group 2- 1,687.00
FAC3RS Coupe Group 3- 2,014.00
CCAB RS Convertible Base Group- nc
CCA1 RS Convertible Group 1- 206.00
CCA2 RS Convertible Group 2- 1,638.00
CCA3 RS Convertible Group 3- 1,873.00
FZAB IROC-Z Coupe Base Group-nc
FZA1 IROC-Z Coupe Group 1- 255.00
FZA2 IRCC-Z Coupe Group 2- 1,737.00
FZA3 IROC-Z Coupe Group 3- 2,545.00
CZAB IROC-Z Convertible Base Group- nc
CZA1 IROC-Z Convertible Group 1- 206.00
CZA2 IROC-Z Convertible Group 2- 1,638.00
CZA3 IROC-Z Convertible Group 3- 2,354.00

1989 Colors
Paint/WA CodeExteriorQty ModelsInteriors
23 / 9537Medium Maui Blue (light)7,269 Rs-RscBk-G
40 / 8554White18,440 I-Ic-Rs-RscBk-Br G-R
41 / 8555Black 17,600 I-Ic-Rs,-RscBk-Br G-R
74 / 9535Flame Red (Dark Red)16,697 I-Ic-Rs-RscBk-Br-G-R
81 / 8774Bright Red26,509 I-Ic-Rs-RscBk-Br-G-R
87 / 9243Gunmetal (Med Gray)7,906 Rs-RscBK-G-R
98 / 9591Bright Blue16,316 I-Ic-Rs-RscBk-Br-G

Interior Codes: 19B=Bk-K, 19C=Bk-cc, 66B=Br-K, 66C=Br-cc, 662=Br-le, 72B=R-sc, 72C=R-cc, 722=R-le, 82B=G-sc, 82C=G-cc, 822=G-le.

Abbreviations: Bk = Black, Br = Light Brown, cc = custom cloth, G = Gray, I = IROC Coupe, Ic = IROC Convertible, le = leather, R = Red, RS = RS Coupe, Rsc = RS Convertible, sc = standard cloth.

1989 Spotters Guide

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