1992 Camaro Data

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1992 Camaro
Production: 23,825 V6, 46,182 V8, 70,007 total.

VIN Example: 1G1FP23EXNL100001 thru 1G1FP23EXNL170007
* Fifth digit is model level: P= Camaro (all models)
* Sixth digit is body style: 2=Hatchback Coupe, 3=Convertible.
* Eighth digit is engine code: F=305ci V8 (LB9) E=305ci V8 (L03) T=191ci V6 (LHO) 8=350ci V8 (B2L or L98)
* Ninth digit is check digit and varies.
* Tenth digit is model year: N=1992
* Eleventh digit is assembly plant code: L=Van Nuys
* Last six digits increased one for each car built.

Length: 192.6 inchesHeight: 50.4 inches Width: 72.4 inches Wheelbase: 101.0 inches

1992 Power Teams
RPOConfigBhp @ rpm Torque @ rpm InductionC/R CID/litersApplications
LH0Ohv V6140 @ 4400 180 @ 3600MFI8.5:1 191/3.1RS*
L03Ohv V8170 @ 4000 255 @ 2400TBI9.3:1 305/5.0RS
LB9Ohv V8205 @ 4200 285 @ 3200TPI9.3:1 305/5.0Z*
LB9Ohv V8230 @ 4200 300 @ 3200TPI9.3:1 305/5.0Z (w/man trans)
L98Ohv V8245 @ 4400 345 @ 3200TPI9.3:1 350/5.7Z (auto only)

* = base engine; TBI = throttle-body injection; TPI = tuned-port injection; MFI = multi-port fuel injection; RS = Rally Sport; Z = Z-28.

Engine Codes
DBK: 305ci, mt DBP: 305ci, at DKA: 191ci, at
DBL: 305ci, atDBS: 305ci, mtDMC: 191ci, mt
DBN: 305ci, mt DJP: 350ci, at

Abbreviations: at = automatic transmission, ci = cubic inch, mt = manual transmission

Transmission Codes
5 Speed Manual - Warner Gear
Chevy #RPO
10142027 (1st Design) MB1
10192299 (2nd Design) MB1
10142025 MK6
10042026 M39
700-R4 Automatic.
192MD8 FB
350MD8 FU

Rear Axle Codes

1992 Factory Options
RPODescriptionQty Retail
1FP87 Camaro RS Coupe, 6-cylinder60,994 12,075.00
1FP87 Camaro RS Convertible, 8-cylinder2,56218,055.00
1FP87 Camaro Z28 Coupe, 8-cylinder 5,197 16,055.00
1FP87 Camaro Z28 Convertible, 8-cylinder1,254 21,500.00
1LE Special Performance Components Package705*
AC3 Power Seat, driver side 5,147 305.00
AU3 Power Door Locks50,235210.00
A31 Power Windows48,272 265.00
A90 Power Hatch Release49,263 60.00
B2L Engine, 350ci, 245hp V8 (Z28 coupe only)3,038300.00
B4C Special Service Package ($4,309 with RPO B2L)5893,479.00
B34 Floor Mats, carpet insert, two front67,166 20.00
B35 Floor Mats, carpet insert, two rear67,160 15.00
B84 Moldings, body side68,719 60.00
CC1 Roof Panels, removable glass28,003 895.00
C49 Defogger, rear window 43,600 170.00
C60 Air Conditioning68,929 830.00
DC4 Mirror with Dual Reading Lamps44,332 23.00
DE1 Louvers, rear window1,837 210.00
DG7 Mirrors, electric twin remote20,725 91.00
D27 Cover, locking rear storage10380.00
D42 Cover, rear compartment cargo area44,90569.00
G80 Rear Axle, limited slip7,106 100.00
G92 Rear Axle, performance (Z28 coupe only)3,056 *
J65 Brakes, power front disc and rear disc 3,645 *
KC4 Cooler, engine oil (Z28 coupe only)3,645 *
K05 Heater, engine block1,332 20.00
K34 Speed Control, with resume49,648 225.00
LB9 Engine, 305ci, 205hp (base with Z28)4,002nc
L03 Engine, 305ci, 170hp (for RS)39,142 369.00
MX0 Transmission, automatic with overdrive 55,783 530.00
N96 Aluminum Wheels, 16 inch40,796 520.00
QLC Tires, P245/50ZR16 blackwall3,761400.00
QMT Tires, P235/55R16 blackwall37,035 219.00
QPH Tires, P215/65R15 all season blackwall 29,211 nc
UL5 Radio, delete201 -165.00
UM7 Radio, stereo, clock, seek/scan1,075 *
UN6 Radio, stereo, cassette, clock, seek/scan59,320 *
UU8 Radio, stereo, Delco Bose, clock, seek/scan2,217 *
UX1 Radio, stereo, cassette, clock, s/s, equalizer 930 *
U1C Radio, compact disc system with clock6,264*
Z03 Heritage Appearance Package8,197 *
YF5 Emission Equipment, required for California7,592 *
FCABRS Coupe Base Group-nc
FCA1RS Coupe Group 1-1,085.00
FCA2RS Coupe Group 2-1,937.00
CCAB RS Convertible Base Group- nc
CCA1RS Convertible Group 1-1,085.00
CCA2RS Convertible Group 2- 1,785.00
FZABZ28 Coupe Base Group- nc
FZA1Z28 Coupe Group 1- 925.00
FZA2Z28 Coupe Group 2-1,937.00
FZA3Z28 Coupe Group 3- 2,233.00
CZAB Z28 Convertible Base Group-nc
CZA1 Z28 Convertible Group 1- 925.00
CZA2 Z28 Convertible Group 2-1,785.00
CZA3 Z28 Convertible Group 3-2,181.00

1992 Colors
Paint/WA CodeExteriorQty ModelsInterior
10 / 9567Arctic White11,883 Rs-Rsc-Z-ZcBk-Br-G-R
18 / 9795Dark Green-Gray2,659 Rs-RscBk-Br-G
37 / 9238Dark Bright Teal14,779Rs-Rsc-Z-ZcBk-Br-G
41 / 8555Black7,524 Rs-Rsc-Z-ZcBk-Br-G-R
45 / 9539Polo Green II (med)5,365 Rs-Rsc Bk-Br-G
75 / 9239Brilliant Red (dark red)2,776 Rs-Rsc-Z-Zc Bk-Br-G-R
80 / 9544Medium Quasar Blue 5,191Rs-Rsc-Z-ZcBk-Br-G
81 / 8774Bright Red11,059 Rs-Rsc-Z-Zc Bk-Br-G-R
84 / 9802Hawaiian Orchid/Purple Haze8,588 Rs-Rsc-Z-Zc Bk-Br-G

Interior Codes: 19B=Bk-K, 19C=Bk-cc, 66B=Br-sc, 66C=Br-cc, 662=Br-le, 73B=R-sc, 73C=R-cc, 732=R-le, 82B=G-sc, 82C=G-cc, 822=G-le

Abbreviations: Bk = Black, Br = Light Brown, cc = custom cloth, G = Gray, le = leather, R = Red, Rs = RS Coupe, Rsc = RS Convertible, sc = standard cloth, Z = Z28 Coupe, Zc = Z28 Convertible.

1992 Spotters Guide

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