GM Turbo 350 transmission page

This is a 1972 turbo 350 tranny with BOP mounting pattern.  The presence of a vacuum modulator and "cut corner" pan identify it as a turbo 350 or a turbo 250, but the T-250 tranny pan has "METRIC" stamped on the pan. For downshifting, a cable is used, which either connects to the gas pedal or the carburetor throttle arm. Turbo 350's were first used in 1969, and were used up until 1987 in rear wheel drive cars. Starting in 1980, lock up torque converters were used to improve fuel economy.

This is a blow up of the tranny code, which is located on the passenger side on the accumulator cover. It decodes as:

"72" is the year (1972)
"KE" is the code,  350 V-8 Buick's.
"152" is the calibration code.

Codes for 1969-72 are located on the accumulator, while 1973-81 are on the governor cover.

Three tail shaft housing lengths were available, 6 1/4", 9 1/4", and 12 1/4".