The following files each contain carburetor part numbers  used on
various GM vehicles. Each is sorted by  part number. Pontiac carburetors are listed separately. Some information is missing and if you can fill it in, please email me at

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1 Barrel  Carburetors
(All GM)

Buick Carbs

Pontiac 1 bbl's

Cadillac Carbs

Pontiac 2 bbl's

2 Barrel  Carburetors
(All GM)

Chevy Carbs

Pontiac 4 bbl's

Oldsmobile Carbs

Pontiac AFB's

4 Barrel  Carburetors
(All GM)

GM Truck Carbs

All Pontiac Carbs

Aftermarket Holley carbs
Listing part number,
model number,
and CFM rating

Holley Carburetors
(Factory Installed)
All Manufacturers

GM Holley Carbs